Jetboil Flash


The jetboil Flash is a neat system all packing into the main cooking pot including one gas canister.  It is a tall cooking system but when you fit the orange tripod to the gas canister it does become stable.  The cooking pot clips to the burner which does make the system safe especially with the plastic lid securely fixed in place.  It comes with a plastic measuring cup and additional pot stand.

The neoprene insulation around the pot is useful for handling once it has boiled.  The heat indicator is a gimmick but takes nothing away from the stove.  The burner has an ignition button and the cooking pot can boil water for two people in just over two minutes.  I purchased the pot hanging frame which I have only used in the roof tent during bad weather.

At just over 500g including one canister it’s great for a two person trip if your sharing out the weight.  For a solo trip it was a little heavy for me so I looked at alternatives.

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