Birthday on Grasmere

It was a gorgeous October day in 2007 Nicola and I spent the afternoon on Grasmere.  We paddled out on the still water with a stove some food, and enjoyed the lake district weather.  Grasmere is one of the smallest lakes in the national park so it doesn’t take long to navigate around the edge.  However, it wasn’t about canoeing for hours or miles, it was about enjoying the scenery and relaxing.

We made our way to secluded spot at the southern end of the mere not far from the weir.  We set up a small camp for a few hours and had our picnic.  Lit the stove and made a brew which is standard on most of our trips.

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While Nicola enjoyed the sun I took the boat out on my own for half an hour.  We made our way back to the beach near the landrover then enjoyed a pint in Grasmere village.

100_2564 100_2560

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