Wild Camp in the Woods

At the end of August 2014 I packed some kit and walked up into the woods north of Carnforth, Lancashire for an over night wild camp.  My plan was to build a shelter, sleep in it and cook on an open fire.  I took with me a bed role made up of a Karrimor mat, wool blanket inside a polish army bivi bag that I picked up from The Bushcraft Show.

It took a few hours to build the shelter, the forecast was good so I knew I wasn’t expecting rain but being in the South Lakes you can never be sure.  I collected fire wood of all sizes from kindling up to some seasoned oak logs for cooking on.  I spent the afternoon exploring the woodland and towards the  late afternoon early evening watched a Short Eared Owl quartering an open area on a fell side.  I brought with me my own drinking water as I knew that there was no water source in the area.

It wasn’t a bad nights sleep, occasionally woke up to the sounds of the forest but the wool blanket kept me very warm.  I did wear long johns, base layer and a micro-fleece during the night with a pair of socks and a beanie hat.

I stoked the fire and got a brew on the go.  Breakfast was a hydrated meal and sat and ate it watching the woodland come to life, the birds started flitting from trees and I could hear a cuckoo in the distance.

My plan this morning was to carve a tea-spoon from silver birch.  I got the rough shape carved out with my small axe and then a small carving knife.  I would take it home to complete and sand it down.

 It was great two days in the woods, always nice to learn or practice new skills.

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