About Me

Hi, my Name is Warren.

My family have called me Wombat since I was a baby, it came about as my mum called me Wom it got expanded and just stuck.  I am married to Nicola, and I have dragged her over a few fells but mainly I disappear on a Friday evening for the weekend with our yellow Labrador called Oakley.


My Dad has been involved in Scouts since he was a boy and introduced me to the outdoors at a very early age.  Apparently, my parents had me canoeing before I could walk, so it was inevitable my hobbies would involve adventure then once I joined Cubs I never looked back.

Scouts took me on a great adventure, introduced me to climbing, bushcraft, wildlife, hiking and camping just to start with and we went to some amazing places.  What was great though we learned self relience, the ability to go off either on foot, bikes or canoes with a small bunch of mates and camp at weekends or school holidays.  This all stood for great training as we got older and embarked on longer expeditions or solo trips.

As the tag line says ‘outdoors since 1974’ but still learning and perfecting skills.  I hope you enjoy my blog on the trips, hikes and days out often with my dog Oakley.

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