Helsport Ringstind Superlight 2

Weighing only 990 g complete, Ringstind SuperLight 2 is one of the world’s lightest tent. This is a tent for those who are looking to keep their pack as light as possible.

The tent is developed in close cooperation with athletes who have the highest standards of low weight and high functionality. The construction makes it very easy for one person to pitch up alone, even in difficult conditions. Every detail on this tent is designed with combination of lightweight and functionality in mind. Not just textiles, but also guy points, peg loops, poles and vents are designed to reduce weight down to an ideal minimum.

This is the perfect tent for solo trips where saving weight is important.  I have used this tent in all weathers and have pitched it in 40 mph winds and was confident this tent would not let me down.



Helsport Pasvik 6

Pasvik is suitable for those who want to go longer distances with as low weight in the backpack as possible, but also want the comfort and features of a lavvu. The lavvu has a large and wide entrance with a full mosquito-net which together with adjustable vents and the top hat ensures a good indoor climate.

It is possible to light fire with an oven or stove because of the flame retardant treated material of the fabric. I use the frontier stove in mine and the adjustable top hat sits snug around the chimney cowel. A great tent for a canoe adventure too.



Weighing only 700g I find the using a tarp very versatile.  More often, the tarp get used in the wood lands providing shelter while still being able to observe the wildlife in the forest.  Stretched between two trees I can set this up in so many ways, with an open front I can light a fire to keep warm and cook on.  A little higher up the tree trunks I can fix a hammock underneath.  Using walking poles I can use the same tarp on a fell side.  The tarp can also add an extension to any tent or from the roof rack on the landrover.


Roof Tent

Mounted on the roof rack of the Discovery, the roof tent offers me a mobile base camp.  It only takes around 10 minutes, I can have the tent folded out, the annex fitted  and the kettle on.  The two inch memory foam mattress offered a really comfortable nights sleep, when the windows are opened on a nice morning it provides a great view point while having your morning brew.  The rear of the Landrover has been fitted with a kitchen and storage area for kit so it makes a super base for starting your adventures.


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